A Challenge

How hard is a Challenge?

It is not our purpose but setbacks are part of a Challenge. Every Challenge has its own story, every participant has his/her own story. Doing something with your car which it is never used for back home can lead to a challenge.

Thinking calmly, discussing and helping each other usually establishes a solution. But not every challenge is as difficult as the others. 25 mountain passes in 4 days is tough but traversing the Amazon is a completely different story.
The organization always supports Challengers and aims to have every participant finish the Challenge.


Impression of a Challenge — 3:56 min

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Hard work or relaxation?

A Challenge always means hard work, even if it is fully driven on asphalt. Reaching a goal combined with the necessary work is part of the Challenge.


What one might find tough, is only the beginning for another. Not only are the conditions of the route of great importance for the difficulty of the Challenge, physical and mental strength are just as important. Exhaustion in combination with a road that is hard to pass, a flat tire and sunset transform a stage to a heroic day. When you are looking back on it anyway.

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Special Stages

Some stages are marked as a special stage. During a special stage there are stricter regulations. This might be because of the passing of a border, harder stages or if the weather conditions prove it better to stay with the group.

Amendments to the car

Whatever car is being chosen, a good preparation is of the essence. Knowledge of your car is also important. For almost every Challenge (small) amendments will have to be made to your car. The organization has a lot of experience with this and will always provide extensive advice.

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Breakdown, part of the challenge?

Even though breakdown is something which has only rarely occurred, it could happen. In this situation the organization will provide aid with the reparation of the car.


Breakdown… — 0:33 min

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then what?

That completely depends on the Challenge you are participating in. Constant is the fact that breakdown requires time and patience. During the World Challenge a well-equipped technical team travels along, helping participants if necessary. But patience should be more than present with solving technical problems, especially in countries where new parts are not available.
Long story short, it depends on the country you are in. In most countries a solution is easily found, but the speed in which it is found differs a lot. Naturally, there is a big difference between the services in Norway and Bolivia.

Road service


In Europe this is arranged exceptionally well. But as soon as we step outside of Europe we mainly depend on ourselves or the help of the local population. All cases of breakdown have been solved on the spot.

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Full service team

during The World Challenge

During The World Challenge is Wouter Tyberghien (together with Sigi Leurs) our technical support and crutch. Wouter is the owner of Desert Foxx and has a lot of experience with technical support of rallies all over the world. Wouter can repair everything, well, almost anything…