The Silk Road Challenge

From Europe to the world’s roof, Tibet in China.

For centuries, from ancient times to the late Middle Ages, the Silk Road was the main link between east and west. Even now, the Silk Road is frequently in the news. Old trade relations are tightened and new routes are developed.

4th of September until the 9th of October 2021
Start in Verbier, finish in Lhasa

  • Start in the mundane Verbier, Switzerland
  • Via Turkey to Iran
  • Enjoying iran’s hospitality
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Visiting Mount Everest
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The essence

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The four Stan’s

In September we start in the mondaine Verbier and we take the thread from Istanbul towards the east. We cross Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iran and then drive into “the four Stan’s”.

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Iran and Tehran

Iran is home to perhaps the nicest people in the world, so we stay here for a good few days. We visit the capital Tehran and discover a beautiful and welcoming country. In Turkmenistan, the crater of Derweze is included in the route and in Tajikistan we drive the exceptionally beautiful Pamir Highway.

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Finish in the Tibet Autonomous Region

In Kyrgyzstan we cross the border with China. We set sail for the southeast and visit Mount Everest Base Camp. Of course we do the figurative highlights of Tibet and finish in the capital of Tibet, Lhasa.

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The accommodation

Although the route goes for, we only stay in good to excellent accommodation.

Every evening we enjoy a joint dinner where the local dishes are mainly on the menu.