Dunes Expedition

Desert riding in one of the most inhospitable areas on earth.

The route

A unique experience, 6 days of dune riding in a nature reserve closed to everyone as big as the Netherlands. The scene is the Namib Desert in Namibia. Well-known and accessible is Sossusvlei, but 99% of this nature reserve is closed. CarChallenge has special permission to traverse this area in 7 days.

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There are no hotels at this location in the Namib Desert; you camp in the dunes. No worries, our team sets up a furnished camp every night and prepares a good dinner for you over an open fire in the evening. Overnight stays outside the desert are in good hotels and lodges.

Expedities 003


During Duinenrijden, you will go on an expedition together with our colleagues from Namibia. Driving through the Namib Desert is not for everyone. Getting a permit for this location is very difficult and only a limited number of visitors are allowed. We drive with a maximum of 5 cars.