The Collen Challenge

A household name for many years. The first edition was held in 2009 and since then The Collen Challenge has been a regular part of the CarChallenge program.

4th of September until the 8th of September 2021
September 18 to September 22, 2021

Start and finish in Switzerland

  • over 20 mountain passes in 4 stages
  • The most beautiful passes of the Alps
  • Comfortable hotels
  • Driving together – or alone!
  • For the real car enthusiast
  • Every day there are two routes; sport or leisure
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The essence

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The accommodation

We strive for good, clean and comfortable. We spend the night in appealing, regional hotels where attentive staff pamper us. In Switzerland and Italy we have selected 5 beautiful hotels that meet these criteria.

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The food

This also applies to the food. The local food is in the center of attention and we enjoy eating among the local population. Nowhere else does a cheese fondue taste better than in Switzerland. Dining is often done with the whole group, although this is not an obligation. You are free to dine outside the hotel yourself.

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The route

During The Collen Challenge we drive the most kilometers through Switzerland. We do make a trip to northern Italy, France or Austria every edition. Every day there is a choice between a sporty route and a leisure route. Both routes are beautiful, the sports version gives you just a little more kilometers on that day.

The route has been completed several times. As a result, we will not be faced with surprises and we know for sure that you have a great route ahead!