The World Challenge

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The World Challenge

Everyone dreams of making a real world trip. CarChallenge offers the opportunity to do that on one of the most adventurous ways out there, behind the steering wheel of your own car. The start was on the 28th of September 2014 in Amsterdam, the finish is, seven years later, in Amsterdam as well. Every stage takes approximately 30 days and will be a grand adventure on its own. In total, we will drive approximately 210 days and visit 60 countries. Count on it that we will look for and find the most spectacular landscapes and roads of the world.


Everything about the 7th Stage of The World Challenge

Africa in 2020

Benin  – Côte d’Ivoire – Ghana – Morocco – Europe

The areas
We visit
On every continent we hold at least one stage.
The idea
Creating Stories
Since 2014 four stages have been driven. The first one being from The Netherlands to Oman, followed by a stage from India to Japan and one from Ecuador to Argentina. This year Australia is on the planner, which will be followed by two stages straight through Africa.
The car
We advise
For The World Challenge a 4x4 is the best choice. During the preparation meetings participants will be provided with extensive information, about things like mandatory amendments for your car.

The essence

Of the 7th stage

The route

The most essential part is the route. For every route we gather extensive information, then the route will be fully put together and driven by CarChallenge. The route goes through a number of special countries in Africa, among other these are Benin, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Senegal and Morocco. During preparation the safety of African countries was always held into account.

Countries: ~10

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The accommodation

We pursue the best Africa has to offer. No hotels of big chains, but special, local hotels. In Africa there are not always star hotels to find, but we make sure that everyone will have a clean room at the very least. The accommodation is important but the route will always have priority.

Nights: ~34
Days: ~35
Start: 3rd of October 2020

The food

The organisation arranges dinners on driving days. Whenever possible the dinner can – if wished so – be enjoyed alone. Of course, the quality of the food depends on the local possibilities. We strive for good and varied meals. Of course, breakfast is also provided.

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Just like every other stage of The World Challenge we also organize a few excursions in Africa. For example, a trip in a hot air balloon and a visit to gorillas.

Registration details

First and foremost, the participants that have partaken in a previous stage will be invited by the organisation to register again. Afterwards new teams can also register. Registration can only after approval of the organisation. For tariffs and registration, contact us.

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