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About CarChallenge

We are creating stories. Worldwide and all year round.

We organise car adventure everywhere in the world. From sports car events in The Alps to real 4×4 journeys in Africa. And yes, with your own car.

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What is CarChallenge?

With every Challenge we are looking for special and unique routes, for challenges that aren’t always too obvious. It’s all about creativity and testing your ingenuity. But also about the amazement of driving through the most astonishing places of this very planet, and about being marveled by peculiar cultures in places normal tourists would never end up.

“Even from a young age, I have always followed my inner curiosities. The price being a bruise here and there, different views from others and even disappointments. Yet it gave me so much more knowledge, energy and insight. This combination inspires me every single day to explore the edges of my area of expertise. An exploration leading to less general ideas, cultivated into innovation.“
Jan Willem Koudstaal
The areas
We travel
We traverse regions that are far from commonplace. The world’s most famous and inhospitable grounds such as Siberia, the Outback, the Amazon, the Andes mountain range or the fields of Mongolia will be conquered.
The idea
Creating Stories
A Challenge is an experience that becomes a part of you. An experience never to forget, often craving for more. This is what sets Challenge apart from any other touring trip, we consciously choose for challenge and leave the driving of mundane roads to others.
For whom
For everyone having a passion for driving and willing to discover unique routes, areas and cultures.

Our program

India & Nepal Challenge

4 Januari - 25 Januari 2020

We have a brand new Challenge available for you. Explore three weeks of India and Nepal. With your own car or with a fancy 4×4 we provide for you. The 4th of January we start in Mumbai and drive towards Agra, the city that sites the Taj Mahal. Then we drive into Nepal, arriving near the Himalayas. Visiting the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, before returning back to Mumbai.

Countries: India & Nepal

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Amazone Challenge

25 Januari - 15 Februari 2020

CarChallenge organises this trip for the fourth time this year. The Amazon Challenge is meant for 4WD drivers that are not afraid for kilometers and are looking forward to driving on a whole new level. Every 4WD-car is fit to conquer the Amazon, as long as they are equipped with the right tires and a capable driver.

Countries: Surinam, Guyana, Brazil and Frans Guiana

The Europe Challenge

30 May - 5 June 2020

The ultimate European Road Trip. Not the number of countries, but the best driving roads in Europe are top of mind. All paved and therefore a real sports car event. 

Countries: Nearly all countries in Europe.

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After years of planning we made it. We can organise a group challenge to one of the most closed countries in the world: North Korea. Before we arrive in Pyongyang we drive through Europe, Russia, Mongolia and China.

Countries: East-Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China and North Korea

25 Mountain Passes

5 September - 9 September 2020

Driving over 25 mountain passes is fun and exciting. But 25 passes in only four stages is almost top sport. We challenge you to conquer the most beautiful mountain passes of the Alps and to get the best both out of yourself and out of your car. Not only the well-known, but also the less known, the hidden gems, will be included.

Countries: Switzerland and Italy

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The World Challenge

3 October 2020

Literally a global challenge. A trip around the world – with your car. Every year a new journey, through Europe, North and South-America, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Countries: 60

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