The Europe Challenge

Indeed, the ultimate European road trip. Not the number of countries, but the most beautiful roads in Europe are top of mind.

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The route

In June we are heading for (Northern)-Ireland, doing the west coast, Dublin and Belfast. Ireland has an eventful history and we are definitely going to see that!

In the late summer of 2023, we will head to southern Europe. We are doing northern Spain and driving through Portugal for the first time in CarChallenge history.

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The accommodation

The most essential part is the route. Between 300 and 500 kilometres are driven per day. The most beautiful asphalt is sought and now and then a challenging stretch of (paved) road is not shunned. In the evening we rest in an extremely comfortable hotel and enjoy the local specialties.

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The food

Every evening we enjoy a joint dinner where the local dishes are on the menu. We love variety and have a number of great culinary delights in store for you. Eating together is nice, but do you want to eat out yourself? Then that is also possible.