The Europe Challenge

Indeed, the ultimate European road trip. Not the number of countries, but the most beautiful roads in Europe are top of mind.

The presentation

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We organise car adventure everywhere in the world. And we have been doing so for over 15 years. Discover the world with your own car Fully organised Group trips creating your own experience

October 3 to 9 October 2020
Start in Newcastle, finish in Le Mans

30 May to 5 June 2021
Start in Le Mans, finish in Barcelona

  • One stage each year through Europe
  • Each stage lasts 6 days
  • Completely paved and therefore a real riders event!
  • Specifically for the sports car
  • We start in Newcastle on 3 October 2020 and drive the most beautiful roads in England and Wales
  • In 2021 we will pick up the route again from Le Mans, to finish in Barcelona.
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The essence

The route

The most essential part is the route. Between 300 and 500 kilometres are driven per day. The most beautiful asphalt is looked up, and occasionally a challenging piece of (paved) road is not shunned either.

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The accommodation

Although the route goes for, we only stay in good to excellent accommodation.

The food

Every evening we enjoy a joint dinner where the local dishes are mainly on the menu.

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Participation details

A team consists of one car and two people. Of course, a team can also consist of 2 people and 2 cars, being a co-driver is not everyone given.