The Europe Challenge

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Ik wil graag op de hoogte worden gehouden van het CarChallenge nieuws.

Annual stages
~20 Countries
In total

The Europe Challenge

The ultimate European road trip. The most beautiful roads are the essence. Completely paved and obviously a real drivers’ event, meant for sports cars. In 7 short annual stages of six days we discover Europe. The start is in June 2020 in Newcastle, the finish is seven years later in Amsterdam.

Everything about the first stage

England in 2020

Scotland – England – Wales – France

We start in Newcastle and drive the most beautiful roads of England and Wales. The North Pennines, Yorkshire Dale, Lake District, Snowdonia and the Southern part of England. Then we cross back to Europe and end up in Normandy.

The areas
We discover
The basis of The Europe Challenge is Europe. Within these boundaries we drive seven stages. After seven years we will have seen most of Europe.
The idea
Creating Stories
The route is top of mind. Great asphalt, winding roads and the look for freedom.
The car
We recommend
During The Europe Challenge a sports car or convertible is highly recommended.

The Essence

Of The Europe Challenge

The route

One of the most essential parts is the route. Per day we drive between 300 and 500 kilometers. The most beautiful parts of asphalt are being conquered. But sometimes we don’t skip the challenging b-routes either.


Countries: ~20

Image module
Image module

The accommodation

As said, the route is the most important part of the Challenge. We only sleep in excellent accommodations.

Nights: 6
Days: 7
Start: 30th of May – 5th of June

The food

Every evening we share a meal and enjoy the food at the fullest. Serving local dishes are our main priority.

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One team consists of one car per two individuals. Obviously, a team can also consist of two persons and two cars, co-drivers are not for everyone… The journey costs €1799,- on basis of two individuals who share a room. The premium for a singe room is €650,- per persoon.

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