Here we explain our Expeditions. Individual car adventure.

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What is an expedition?

In addition to Challenges we offer expeditions. During this group trip, we support from a distance. For example, every car is equipped with a satellite connection and we are available 24/7 for advice and support. We research, organize the shipping of your car or provide the perfect rental car.

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How does an expedition work?

You’ll drive a route we’ve pre-routed, stay overnight in accommodations we know and get permits from us that we know are needed.

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During an Expedition you drive the same route in a group of 1 to 8 cars, you spend the night together in the same hotels. We also offer the option of using your own rooftop tent instead of a hotel stay in some places.

You may be supervised by our colleagues for some days, the other days you will be supervised remotely. You can always call on our colleagues on the ground. Each team gets a satellite box from us so we can always come to your aid when needed, on site and remotely we can provide technical assistance.

CarChallenge organiseert al 15 jaar autoreizen. Met je eigen auto, buitengewoon avontuur. Waarbij autorijden en avontuur centraal staan.

Amendments to the car

Whichever car is chosen, good preparation is essential. An Expedition requires (minor) modifications to the car. The organisation has experience with this and always provides extensive advice.