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Here you can find our privacy and cookies policy. Do you have more questions? Get in touch!

Privacy and cookies policy of CarChallenge

Our privacy policy consists of five bullet points:

  1. We only collect data that is required by law or that is necessary for the functioning of the website.
  2. We do not sell or distribute data to third parties.
  3. We do not use visual material that can be traced to (ex)participants.
  4. We do not use names on this website of (ex)participants.
  5. Do you have questions about our privacy policy? Contact us.

You can expect these cookies on our website:

During a visit to our website cookies will be placed. These will not be used to show specifically targeted ads, but because we are using the following services:

  1. Vimeo: We use this service to show videos.
  2. Google Analytics: We use this service to measure which pages are being visited.
  3. Mailchimp: We use this service to send and create our newsletter.