During our Challenges we take thousands of photos. They disappear in our archive, in books and publications, but also here, on our website.

After weeks of uninterrupted driving and suffering, the finish is inevitably in sight. The end goal always gives an ambivalent feeling. A feeling of euphoria but also of goodbye. A feeling of wanting back. To the beginning, to the trance of the Challenge. Luckily the pictures are always there!

Europe Challenge

Inspection: Greece


Scandinavia in winter

Amsterdam Sydney

Part 1: From Amsterdam to Muscat in Oman

Amsterdam Sydney

Part 2: From Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur

Amsterdam Sydney

Part 3: From Medan to Sydney

Amsterdam – Sydney (Inspection)

From the Netherlands to Australia


Norway and Sweden

Dune Driving (Inspection trip)

Straight through one of the most desolate places in the world, the Namib Desert in Namibia.

The World Challenge 7

From South Africa to the Netherlands


(Un)famous Alpine passes in Switzerland and Austria

Collen Austria (Inspection)

(Un)famous Alpine passes in Austria

The World Challenge 7 (inspection trip)

From South Africa to the Netherlands

The Europe Challenge Inspection

The United Kingdom


From Oslo in Norway to the North Cape and back

The Middle East Challenge 2022

From UAE to Jordan

The Middle East Challenge | Inspection trip

From UAE to Israel

The EurAsia Challenge 2021

From Switzerland to Georgia

The Europe Challenge 2021

France and Spain

The Collen Challenge 2020


The India Nepal Challenge 2020

India and Nepal

The World Challenge Stage 6

From Tanzania to South Africa