The Korea Challenge

July 2020
Number of spots left: waiting list

The Korea Challenge

After years of planning it seems we made it. We want to try a group challenge to one of the most closed countries in the world: North Korea. Before we arrive in Pyongyang we drive through Europe, Russia, Mongolia and China.

Everything about The Korea Challenge

Getting in North Korea isn’t easy. We can only use one border post and you will be amazed, it’s a busy one. There is a lot of trade between China and North Korea and we will definitely notice that.

We also have a choice to make. The group starts in Europe, but you can also decide to skip Europe and join in Russia or China instead.

In summertime Eastern Europe and Russia are really nice locations to discover. The days are longer than in wintertime, so everyone is outside having a good time. In Mongolia we will notice the same, although Mongolia is an empty and vast country. In China we can drive on our own, through the bigger cities and human life.

The areas
We discover
Because of the fact that shipment to North Korea isn't possible, we have a long drive ahead of us!
The idea
Creating Stories
The most beautiful route to North Korea
The car
We recommend
A 4x4 is the best choice!

The essence

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The accommodation

Good, clean and comfortable, that’s what we deliver. Of course there will be a few places that aren’t real hotels. Especially hotels in Mongolia, China and North Korea can be really basic at times.

Nights: ~30

The food

The regional cuisine is top of mind. We like to eat with the local people, and driving from West to East, the cuisine will get more asian.

Dinners on all driving days

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The route

Via Germany, Poland and the Baltics we will end up in Russia. Obviously we cannot skip Moscow, also the Siberian cities are worth the visit. Though Mongolia we will arrive in China, there we use the land border between China and North Korea.

Countries: 10

Participation Details

Because this is such an exclusive group Challenge, with lots of preparation and permits required – we first want to invite regular customers to join. There is also a waiting list available.

Prices and fees for this Challenge are not yet clear.

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