The Dune Challenge

The most exclusive Challenge - one week across the Namib Desert

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6th of November until 13 November 2021

Start and finish in Namibia

  • 8 days of dune driving
  • Luxury accommodation in the dunes
  • From Walvis Bay to Lüderitz
  • A good 4×4 is a must
  • Dunes of over 100 meters high
  • Fully organised – inclusing technical support
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The essence

The Namib Desert

In November 2021 we will organize a very exclusive Challenge that will only take on the Namib Desert. We drive from Walvis Bay to the town of Lüderitz. As the crow flies, only 280 kilometers. A Challenge that requires a special permit, because the Namib Desert is not accessible to unauthorized persons.

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Luxury camping

A week of sand and sea, a week of luxury camping in a bivouac to be set up specifically for CarChallenge. Every night somewhere else between the dunes, depending on the results achieved that day.

The food

Every evening we enjoy a joint dinner where the local dishes are on the menu. We eat in the middle of the dunes.

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The 4×4 driving

This Challenge can be driven with your own 4×4 or with a rented one. Driving experience in the sand is a requirement.