The Amazone Challenge

The Amazone Challenge is a 4x4 rally for people who crave for 4x4 driving.

The presentation

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We organise car adventure everywhere in the world. And we have been doing so for over 15 years. Discover the world with your own car Fully organised Group trips creating your own experience

20th of March until the 9th of April 2021
Start and finish in Paramaribo, Suriname.

  • Offroad driving in the Amazon rainforest
  • Many unpaved kilometers
  • Diverse hotels
  • Cross the Amazone River with a ferry (2 nights)
  • Driving over the Trans Amazonia
  • The Kaieteur Falls in Guyana

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The essence

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The accommodation

We start in the best hotel of Suriname and sleep in a beautiful jungle lodge. In Guyana the accommodation is also fine, but in the Amazone the hotels are simple. A few shelters are even primitive.

The food

The local food is in the center of attention and we enjoy eating among the local population. Food in South-America is good, a lot of fish along the rivers, and meat elsewhere. Vegetables are also well available. Lunching beside the road is even recommended.

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The route

Depending on the weather conditions the route will change from a piece of cake to a true adventure. The Challenge will always be driven in the dry season, yet the rainforest is not always dry.